People are always hesitant to follow their dream job in fear that it will be all for nothing. There’s a saying that goes like this: “There’s nothing like a dream job, just a dream pay.” But others say, follow your dream to satisfy your soul. You start from nothing, right?

This is that kind of a story.

Eric White, 33, was once a man who lived on the streets, who got a million dollars-worth idea that completely changed his life.
When he was 15, he was homeless for 8 months, and dropped out of school in the 9th grade, and had only a second-grade reading skill.  

He says:

“Growing up, things weren’t easy for me.  I could hardly even spell my name.”

Yet, he was good in construction:

“I knew if I worked at it, I could really do something with it.”

He started working in a local construction company, to somehow pay his bills, and afterward, he became interested in a job at Baton Rouge-based company that paid $12 hour. He remembers:

“I started working as a helper for a local construction company, doing what I could do to make a dollar and doing what I could to feed my daughter. From there I found a job working as a mechanic for a Ford dealership, but that wasn’t really for me. My dad told me about another construction company hiring in Baton Rouge that was paying $12 an hour and I took that opportunity.

The guy that I worked for there took me under his wing and taught me about the company. Within the first six months, I was managing the team. From there, I went to another company that offered more money, then I started my own company, a pool business called Cool Pools. That business did very well, and last year, I sold it for over a million (dollars).”

Following, his company Zydeco Construction was a major success. It builds beach-like “swimming ponds” that are crystal blue and have 360 degrees of sand surrounding them, outfitted with accessories, like umbrellas, gazebos, outdoor kitchens, in-ground trampolines, volleyball nets, and more. The average pond his company builds costs about $20,000.

White states:

“It’s something that for years I would think to myself, ‘What if someone could figure out a way to turn a pond into a paradise?’ I did as much research as I could and applied it to building these ponds.

It has always been a dream of mine to do these different things.I am all about figuring out a way to make things happen. I can look at any situation and come up with a way to fix it. I like to stay in the market for things that most companies don’t offer, especially custom requests.

Each pond that we do is customized for that area and for the customer. It isn’t something that can be done in a day. They are a true labor of love. We will do something different on every pond we create.”

Besides that, his company is also in the business of drainage solutions and builds levees for homes that experience flooded backyards.

Not a single thing comes without hard work and this story proves that if you have the idea, and dash towards it, you will achieve everything you have ever dreamed of.

Always follow your dreams!